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Payment Methods

Cash Deposit - Online Transfer - Cheque Payments (Within Malaysia)

Giz Technology offers localized payment methods for clients within Malaysia. We have banking facilities with MayBank and Public Bank. The details for these bank accounts can be found on your invoice. Once you have made your payments, kindly proceed to our Billing department and open a ticket. You can do so through this link.

We strongly encourage our clients to adopt this method of payment.


Paypal & Credit Card Payments
Giz Technology only accepts credit card payments via Paypal due to the lower transaction fees and higher security level offered by Paypal. The payment detail can be found on your invoice. Next, as Paypal currently do not support Malaysian Ringgit billing, your invoice might be debited with the US$ amount you paid instead of the amount after the currency conversion. Please launch a Billing ticket and our Administrators will debit your invoice accordingly.


Western Union Payments
Giz Technology only accepts Western Union payment for orders above RM500. If you are opting for this mode of payment, please launch a ticket with the billing department after you have placed your order. Our Administrators will guide you through the payment process.


Feel free to call our Sales/Billing hotline @ +603 20969002

This hotline is open from 9am - 5pm (Mon - Fri).



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